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Dave Pearce, of Peak Aspirations, can deliver an inspirational event talk to suit the needs of any audience.

For Corporate Events, Dave uses his talk, which includes spectacular pictures and incredible video footage, about his Everest Experiences as an analogy to high performance and effective leadership in order to train companies, organisations and individuals.

A small high performing team, energized by a goal, battled against probability, in the most extreme environment, to give someone a chance to summit Everest. Dave reached the summit of Everest with a sherpa via the challenging and difficult North Face on 22 May 2003. The summit ‘push’ almost failed due to desperate conditions and Dave thought he would not survive the descent. During this period not only did the team support, it also performed what is thought to be the highest ever rescue in a selfless act of bravery, skill and determination. Dave received a military commendation and the BBC’s Outstanding Overseas Achievement Award.



"Dave gave an inspirational presentation. He set out some simple rules on how to build and lead teams, which make as much sense in the business world as they do in the mountains."
Mr. Iain Dixon,Reuters, New Zealand