Dave Pearce offers a bespoke guiding service to meet the needs of a wide range of abilities, ages and fitness levels. Drawing on his many years of experience in the outdoors both in Britain and throughout the world, Dave can offer you an adventure which is out of the ordinary. The relationship with the client is, to Peak Aspirations, as important as the adventure itself and we will ensure that you have an experience not to be forgotten.

"The experience of a day on the mountain with Dave is something that will stick in your mind for a long time."

Captain Stevan Jackson, Portsmouth


"Dave has at all times been an inspirational leader and a great coach. He has a real empathy with teenagers, he gets the best out of them and inspires their confidence and trust."
Jeremy Hutchinson, Dauntseys School, Wiltshire.

 " You cannot better being taught by someone who really loves and understands the environment they are in and what they are doing. Dave Pearce's love of climbing could be described as infectious and he is a great builder of self-confidence."
Jerry Oke, London


"The four day mountain experience with Dave is something I will certainly be doing again. He makes you feel at ease in an extreme environment, giving you the confidence to go further than you imagined."
Chris Marriott, Geneva.

"With practically no experience of rock climbing at all, Dave was patience itself as he took me ice-climbing for my 70th birthday. I hope to repeat the experience on my 80th with an extra strong belay to secure my zimmer frame!"
Ken Carr, Cornwall.

"Dave has great physical ability, judgement and courage like some, but he matches these with his character, personality and humour like only a very few. Whether it be a good spot or a tight spot, there is no-one better to share that spot with."
Adrian Cole, Devon.

"Dave Pearce would be my first choice of partner for a relaxed day cragging or for the hardest of mountain routes."
Richard Cantrill, Devon